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North East Beachside Creations went on a Voyage this summer aboard the Lettie G. Howard down on the Bayfront in Erie, PA, catching the best of the Bayfront Sunsets on a beautiful Summer evening at the same time of the Full Moon rising. A little history of this beauty…the Lettie G. Howard, formerly Mystic C and Caviare, is a wooden Fredonia schooner. This one dates back to being built in 1893 in Essex, Massachusetts, USA. A quick history lesson for you, this was used by American offshore fishermen and may be one of the only surviving examples of it’s kind… and believe it or not, back in 1989 She was declared a National Historic Landmark! The Lettie is currently with the Flagship Niagara League located on Erie’s Bayfront in downtown Erie, PA! If you are looking to get the feels of how to set sail on a beauty like her,…

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