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The #LakeErieSunsets have been wonderful especially with the colder conditions this May! This sunset was from Monday, May 16th. It had warmed up during the day but started to get cold later. As you can see the clouds start to roll in off the Lake creating an amazing light show! Here is another one from May 16th whereby you can see all colors of the rainbow. Here it is on Tuesday, May 17th. The Lake was very calm and serene. A perfect night to sit outside and do yoga or meditate! The photo below is from Thursday, May 19th. It is a different perspective of the sunset but was just beautiful to look at. It was a little milder and softer in color then we had been experiencing earlier this month.

We regret we haven’t been on here a lot this past month. However, we encourage you to check us out on social media! Social media is updated pretty much daily in some way. We are on facebook, twitter and Instagram! Search – Facebook – North East Beachside Creations Twitter – NEBeachside Creations Instagram – pmb43222 We have had some interesting weather patterns this month on #LakeErie! So far it has been an unseasonably cold month of May. We even had snow on Sunday, May 15th! Here is a sunrise from May 11th. The sunrises lately have been bright and beautiful. Since it has been kind of rainy on and off these past few weeks, we have been getting the red “sailors skies” in the morning. A storm rolled off from #LakeErie on Saturday, May 14th. Here is a picture of how blue the sky turned. The Lake was a beautiful…

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Our sunrises especially lately have been absolutely beautiful. This morning’s was no different. #NEBSC #SpringSunrise