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The ducks, the geese and the birds are returning! The cold air with the soft reflection of the sun! The haze of a thick but beautiful fog over the lake. Spring is on its way…. #NEBSC2016_Welcome_Spring Pictured below are a video of the beautiful sunset tonight Also pictured are the blue skies and calm lake earlier today A few additional photos of the sunset are also pictured below

Today it was very brisk and calm. The lake looked like glass. The birds were alive in nature. All you could hear everywhere you turned was the sound of chirping birds. Check out our video below! #NEBSC2016HELLOSPRING…

Yesterday we had a taste of Spring. It lasted for just a few minutes in the morning. Then a cold front came through and it had begun to snow. This morning, the roads were covered in ice. The sun came out later in the afternoon and then went behind the clouds. As you can tell from the video and photos of the Lake, the sky this evening at dusk was beautiful and full of a lot of light colored tones.

It is a brisk, cold day on Lake Erie today! In the video you can view the lake in North East, PA today, January 16, 2016. Ice dunes have begun to form along the shorelines.