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This evening was an absolutely beautiful and calm evening! The beach was fantastic and it was a great night for a walk. Today is the first real day that it truly felt like Spring was in the air. Here’s to a nice Spring! #NEBSCSpringIsComing

The ducks, the geese and the birds are returning! The cold air with the soft reflection of the sun! The haze of a thick but beautiful fog over the lake. Spring is on its way…. #NEBSC2016_Welcome_Spring Pictured below are a video of the beautiful sunset tonight Also pictured are the blue skies and calm lake earlier today A few additional photos of the sunset are also pictured below

Today it was very brisk and calm. The lake looked like glass. The birds were alive in nature. All you could hear everywhere you turned was the sound of chirping birds. Check out our video below! #NEBSC2016HELLOSPRING…

This picture was taken around 6:40 AM on Monday, February 22, 2016. It is of the Snow Moon, off the shores of Lake Erie in North East. The reflection was just beautiful on the water and ice. The water seemed to move at a calming pace and the reflection was just breathtaking. #NEBSC 2016

Lake Erie is frozen as far as you can see out! Quite a change from yesterday’s milder temperature. Still a good winter day as winter days go though.

The lake was calm this morning when I left and it was still very calm when I got home. It isn’t real mild but the sky is bluish and it is kind of foggy. We are supposed to get some snow, so perhaps this is our calm before the storm.

Today the weather is very mild and springlike. It was a fantastic day for a ride. From Barcelona, to 20 Mile Creek & Hirtzel Pond in North East, the North East Marina and Freeport, the water was very calm, the breeze was peaceful and the view was beautiful. It was a bit overcast but warmed right up as the sun shone threw. Enjoy your Sunday! #MILD WINTER; #NEBSC 2016

The sunset tonight! It doesn’t even look like Lake Erie. #NEBSC2016

It was about 47 degrees this morning around 7 am. It was pleasant to get outside first thing and hear the geese, crows and birds chirp. The dunes on Lake Erie also made for a very nice sound of the waves crashing into them. The breeze was gentle. A cardinal even flew by this morning. It was a great morning to run and we really got our first taste of Spring. The ground was wet and damp but the air and wind were light. The walk on the beach was peace-filled and there was even some beach glass to be found. The vineyards which North East is well known for even had their Peace about them this morning. #NEBSC2016

Enjoy your day! It is so peaceful and serene here today! You almost have the cabin fever feeling. May it be blessed for you! #NEBSC2016

Is it perhaps a sign of an early Spring? Not by the looks of it today. It was very peaceful this morning though as I stood and looked out over the beautiful view. There are dunes lining the beach and moving water again today a ways out.

Today, we were sitting with cooler temperatures and about a half hour of light snow this morning. The snow earlier today combined with some bright sunshine this afternoon made for a beautiful light show this evening. The orange strip of the sunset began around 3:45 pm and then a beautiful gleaming of orange and pink light surrounded by gray skies began to form around 5:30 or so this evening. The lake is frozen a few miles out, but there is moving water a ways out! Cold temperatures but mild temperatures are approaching within the week. Here are a few photos from later today. This made for some wonderful photographs that we are hoping to develop and put into our winter and seasonal collection of photos. #NEBSC winter

This past weekend, there were some dunes forming along the shores of Lake Erie. Presque Isle and the Bay were also starting to freeze. Now the lake is beginning to freeze from the shore out towards the middle. You can faintly hear the water at night in between snow and ice patches. It is cold, peaceful and calm. You can also somewhat see lights off of Canada too when you try to look out and view the horizon. Stay warm!