Lake Erie Photography

This past weekend, there were some dunes forming along the shores of Lake Erie. Presque Isle and the Bay were also starting to freeze. Now the lake is beginning to freeze from the shore out towards the middle. You can faintly hear the water at night in between snow and ice patches. It is cold, peaceful and calm. You can also somewhat see lights off of Canada too when you try to look out and view the horizon. Stay warm!

It is a brisk, cold day on Lake Erie today! In the video you can view the lake in North East, PA today, January 16, 2016. Ice dunes have begun to form along the shorelines.

Lake Erie

Are you an avid “INSTAGRAMER” that loves to post your favorite pictures? Get inspired by the beauty of nature and wildlife around you… and be sure to find us hanging out on the beachside capturing the next beautiful sunrise, sunset, or abstract cloud formation that is “erie-sistable”. We love capturing the beauty that awaits us over lake erie. We’re having an awesome start to the new year and hope to continue capturing the amazing world around us. FOLLOW US now on INSTAGRAM! [ pmb43222 ] And be sure to keep following us on your favorite social media site…we love facebook & tweeting to the world from twitter. Hanging out next to lake erie…see you soon!

Here’s to hoping your 2016 is starting off to be a great one. One of the best things about being near water, especially Lake Erie, is the Four Seasons. Furthermore, the calmness in the waves, the whispers of the gale, the constantly changing water, sun and moon and the presence of earth, air and fire all featured in one fantastic spot. We are excited to bring some new photography and merchandise to you this year. While we work to get some of these other things into fruition, we will be updating the blog and photography on a very regular basis and invite to check back here often to see what is new on Lake Erie in North East, PA. We hope it is as much fun for you to navigate the site as it is for us to update it. Here’s to a New 2016! A clean slate, a new…

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We’re pleased to announce North East Beachside Creations is going to launch a Special Signature Collection of North East photography from the shores of sunsets and amazing views of Lake Erie. Who’s ready for the sunsets?

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Hey friends! We are getting ready to kick off the New Year for our New Business! Glad you are keeping in touch with us…

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Hello friends! It’s a NEW YEAR & we’re ready to hit the beach running! North East Beachside Creations has been working on our Signature Sunset Collection of photography for awhile now and it’s now time to share these captured moments with you! We are getting ready to launch our first collection soon and we want you to be apart of our future endeavors! Thanks for stopping by, stay in touch with us for more details on our whereabouts! ~It’s time to hit the beach…